Questions you may have about our transition:

1. Why didn’t you tell me you were going to change firms?

We would very much like to have discussed this decision and asked for your input prior to our move. Unfortunately, industry regulations and other legal considerations prevented us from informing you. We are committed to adhering to all regulatory requirements, to protecting client privacy, and to respecting all legal restrictions. We have done so, despite the difficulty of not sharing our plans with you. We are very excited to speak further with you about the independent firm we have founded, and the opportunities it will provide you and your families.

2. How can I reach you?

Our offices are in an elegant, light-filled, Italianate building in downtown Lawrence, built in 1910. For those of you in town, please drop by and see us! Zoom tours are available for the rest of you.

Bowersock Capital Partners
611 West 9th St.
Lawrence, KS 66044
[email protected]
+1 (855) 611-9227

3. Why did you choose BNY Mellon Pershing as your custodian?

After an exhaustive search, we determined that BNY Mellon Pershing’s robust infrastructure, extensive research capabilities, and sophisticated technology make it the best custodian for our clients. We are impressed by the measures Pershing takes to protect client assets, and we are reassured by its size, strength, longevity and reputation. The firm has over $35 trillion in assets under custody – it is by far the world’s largest custodian bank and asset servicing company. Through its Bank of New York predecessor, it is one of the three oldest banks in the United States and among the oldest banks in the world. It is on the shortlist of “Globally Systemically Important Banks” (G-SIBS) due to its scale and the degree of influence it holds in global and domestic financial markets. As the world’s largest custodian, BNY Mellon Pershing leads the industry in protecting against cybersecurity risks. Our clients’ assets will be safe.

4. Will my assets and information be safe?

Yes. BNY Mellon Pershing is founded on the principles of safety and soundness. We have included in your welcome kit two pieces entitled “Understanding the Protection of Client Assets” and “Pershing at a Glance” for your review. It outlines the company’s financial strength, history, capital structure, and procedures that ensure the security of your accounts. Meanwhile, if you have any questions or would like to know more, please call us directly or visit our website, BowersockCapitalPartners.com.

5. Why did you choose to partner with Sanctuary Wealth instead of forming a stand-alone firm?

Sanctuary Wealth has assembled a network of carefully selected advisors from across the country, most of whom, like us, work for high-net worth families, many with complex investment, tax planning and estate planning challenges. Sanctuary provides a community of experienced people with whom we can share best practices, as well as a pool of intellectual capital that we can draw upon to continually expand the resources we provide to all of you.

By partnering with Sanctuary Wealth, we can benefit from a vast array of resources that enable us to better serve our clients. These include the very latest technology and financial planning software, much of which is not available at the conventional corporate firms, as well as rigorous regulatory and legal oversight and a robust cybersecurity program.  Finally, Sanctuary Wealth handles all back-office administration, allowing us to focus on what is most important to us, and that is you.

6. Is establishing an independent firm unusual in the wealth management profession?

No. There have been major shifts in the financial services industry over the last few years. With changes in technology, the ability for small firms to have access to the same (if not better) investment opportunities and cutting-edge software has levelled the playing field.  For these reasons, the migration of advisors from large brokerage firms and other corporate financial institutions to RIAs (Registered Investment Advisors) has accelerated.  Each year, more advisors are voting with their feet, recognizing that the independent model is better for them, and better for their clients. 

7. What will I find in my welcome kit?

You will find all documents relevant to your transition, including information about our new firm, Bowersock Capital Partners, and the safety and security of our custodian, BNY Mellon Pershing.  We will follow up with you shortly so that we can go over the materials together. Many of you will prefer to receive this information electronically and to complete the account opening and transfer paperwork via DocuSign. We would recommend this approach as the more efficient one.